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Liverpool WaVeS Music and Marching Band Festival:

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Performers Tour Assistance:

Thank you for considering to be a performance group at Liverpool WaVeS International Music and Marching Band Festival.
We at Liverpool WaVeS Music (LWM) would like to offer you help with all of the arrangements needed to make a success of participating in the festival. So, we have appointed 2 well established tour agents. Both have a wealth of experience in assisting groups (especially school and community performance groups) traveling from around the world into the UK.
They will oversee all of the arrangements from initial transport to get to the UK, all transport while you are on the tour, all accommodation in quality accommodation and tour managers if required. They will also arrange a tailor-made itinerary for you that will include any additional excursions or trips you’d like to take as well as all your performing opportunities.
Both of the agents are registered with some international recognised associations including ABTA, ATOL, STF, NTA, SYTA, IATA and others.
The cost of this service will be discussed directly between the agents and yourselves the group. LWM are not directly responsible for any contract between the group and the agents.

Please note: It is advised that you take out comprehensive group travel insurance in your own country.