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Liverpool WaVeS International Music and Marching Band Festivalol WaVeS International Music and Marching Band Festival

Liverpool WaVeS Music and Marching Band Festival is not a competition but a showcase of some of the best youth and community groups from around the world, coming to assemble here in Liverpool in the United Kingdom, one of the most renowned cities in the world for music heritage.

We aim to have a mix of marching bands and drumlines / corps with their colour guards and cheerleaders, orchestras, non-marching bands including jazz, symphonic and show bands, vocal groups, choirs and not forgetting the dance groups throughout the summer, making this a truly multicultural visual music festival.

The festival organisers have been in talks for many months with high schools and community groups from many areas around the world including; Japan, USA, Canada, Thailand, Australia, Europe, South America and as far away as Tonga, with a good response from groups keen to come and perform here in Liverpool at the festival.

Subject to specific dates we will have:

  • Free on street performances in the city centre

  • Engagement performances with our schools and other groups

  • Field marching band displays in our (shh can’t say where yet) event space.

  • Big show case nights (ticketed events) where the very best will entertain you for over 2 hours.

For visitors from outside Liverpool, you might also get some time to do some local sightseeing and shopping.
The BIG FESTIVAL rule is everyone is to have fun and enjoy this visual music festival.
A full list of events will be released when performance groups are finalised.
Dates for the first festival will be from July 4th – August 18th 2024. There will be various performances throughout these dates.